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All the benefits of our all natural lip balm, but without the flavoring. No aftertaste either.


  $5.00 each

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Black Cherry Boom

You will think you have just eaten a bowl of black cherries!


  $5.00 each

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Green Apple Blast

Like eating fresh cut apples.


Bubble Gum

Like to chew bubble gum? Same great flavor.


  $5.00 each

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Like the freshest coconut taste.


  $5.00 each

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Ingredients: Coconut oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, Vitamin E, stevia

All Natural Lip Balm


Enjoy the smooth creaminess of lip balm, without alcohol and only the purest natural ingredients. Protects from wind, sun, and weather also!!

Frozen Margarita

Tastes like cocktails in the Bahamas!



  $5.00 each

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  $5.00 each

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Juicy Watermelon

Like fresh cut watermelon on a summer day!


  $5.00 each

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